V@PYD - "Azure Confusion"

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V@PYD - "Azure Confusion"

Passau, Germany

"Azure Confusion" immerses you in a dreamy fusion of ambient synths and laid-back beats, delivering a tranquil yet nostalgic experience. This EP also features two remastered versions of V@PYD classics, adding a contemporary polish to the artist's signature sound. "Azure Confusion" is a captivating journey through the hazy realms of vaporwave, blending the familiar with the innovative for a truly mesmerizing sonic adventure.

Artist Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Vapyd0fficial

Track Listing

  1. Azure Confusion (x Lucid Void)
  2. Missing (x Sidekick Wave)
  3. When You Love Someone 3000 (x. Magician)
  4. Corporate Line
  5. Resignance (Remaster 2023)
  6. Beloved (Remaster 2023)
  7. I Care for You (Definitive Version)
  8. Drive
  9. Love is a Spectrum (Definitive Version)
  10. Feel Like Flying

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