Sparkly Night - "Gamergirl Advanced" (CS)

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Sparkly Night - "Gamergirl Advanced" (CS)

Cassette with on-body printing in clear Norelco case with cello-wrap.
Includes digital download.

Sparkly Night
Seoul, South Korea

Coraspect Release Date: October 30, 2023
Catalogue Number: 1052

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Track Listing

  1. Advanced Intro
  2. Save It for Me
  3. Droidisco! (ft. REMALRR)
  4. Don't You Be Afraid (ft. Strawberry Station)
  5. Rotary Demon (ft. Jeremiah Kane)
  6. Midnight Fragrance
  7. Beach Bays 2
  8. Shopping Frenzy (ft. TUPPERWAVE)
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